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Bokaro City Guide: Explore, Travel, and Discover.

Bokaro City Guide: Explore, Travel, and Discover.

Bokaro, officially known as Bokaro Steel City is a large and planned city in Jharkhand, India. The city is located on the banks of Garga River and on the fringes of Bokaro river Bokaro river and is surrounded by hill ranges at Giridih and Ramgarh districts. The city span across 183 km in geographic area. Bokaro district consists of undulating uplands on the Chota Nagpur Plateau with the Damodar River cutting a valley right across.

The East Bokaro Coalfield located in the Bermo-Phusro area and small intrusions of Jharia Coalfield make Bokaro a coal rich district. In 1965, one of the largest steel manufacturing units in the country, Bokaro Steel Plant, operated by Steel Authority of India Limited, was set-up at Bokaro Steel City. The Damodar Valley Corporation established its first thermal power station at Bokaro (Thermal). It is accessible through National Highway NH 320 & NH-18.

Tourist Attractions

Culture and Heritage

A trip to Bokaro Steel City cannot be complete without understanding its rich heritage. The art and cultural activities in Bokaro Steel City will give you an insight into the city's history, traditions, and artwork. While visiting the cultural attractions in Bokaro Steel City would prove to be informative, attending its artsy events will leave you entertained. From cultural performances to historical monuments that give you a glimpse of the past, take a look at this list to know Bokaro Steel City better. Include these in attractions in your itinerary for Bokaro Steel City and have a great vacation. Many tribes have inhabited this part of the country because of which the state has emerged as an important multi-ethnic state. Bokaro has about thirty indigenous communities among which some of the major tribes are the Santhals, Oraons, Mundas, Kharias, Hos, and Cheros. It is a blend of various tribal cultures, people are influenced by Buddhism and Jainism, the Mughals and Hindu kings. The culture of the people depends on the community to which they belong, which influences there living style, rituals, dance, music, language, and literature. Being a tribe dominated, each sub-caste and tribe have its own unique tradition. Nature has been given the utmost importance in every sphere of life and culture. The life of tribal people is reflected in their folk dances, paintings, music, dance, and drama.



The economy of the city is primarily dependent on the integrated steel plant established by Steel Authority Of India. The Bokaro Steel Plant was established with the collaboration of Soviet Union when the First Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru desired to establish a steel plant in the region. Electrosteel Castings Limited - A Kolkata-based water pipe manufacturer acquired 2,500 acres (10 square kilometres) of land 18 kilometres (11 miles) from the city and has erected its 2.2 MTPA steel plant. The company has invested close to Rs 80 Bn (US$1.6 Bn) on this project which was operational from 2010. The city has presence of Steel Authority of India Ltd., Oil and Natural Gas Corporation amongst others. Steel Authority of India Limited - The economy of the city is primarily depended on the integrated steel plant established by Steel Authority of India. Oil and Gas Industry is the second major industry in Bokaro behind its steel industry. It has major presence of oil and gas. This company produce a major part of economy of Bokaro. Jagadishpur–Haldia–Bokaro-Dhamra Pipeline (JHBDPL), one of the largest gas pipeline projects of India, is expected to be completed in 2020 and will run through the area. In January 2020, Triveni Groups proposed the development of Kaushal Triveni Mega Food Park in nearby Chandankiyari.


Bokaro Airport is a domestic airport owned by the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and operated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). The airport is located in Sector 12, approximately 4.1 km (2.5 mi) from the city centre. The airport was included in the regional connectivity scheme and will start its commercial operations from June 2023. The airport is spread over an area of 200 acres where its terminal building is being built over an area of 3,500 square metres (0.86 acres), while the runway is 2,100 meters long and 30 metres wide. Bokaro Steel City Railway Station (station code:- BKSC) is a railway station on the Gomoh–Muri branch line and Adra–Bokaro Steel City branch line under Adra division of South Eastern Railways. It is located in Bokaro district in the Indian state of Jharkand. It lies at the edge of Jharia Coalfield and serves Bokaro Steel City and the surrounding mining-industrial area. It takes 20 minutes to travel from Bokaro Steel City Railway Station to City Centre. Approximate driving distance between Bokaro Steel City Railway Station and City Centre is 20 km. Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car. Traveling to and within Bokaro is convenient with CityTaxis. Whether you're arriving at Bokaro Airport, Bokaro Railway Station, or need local transportation, CityTaxis offers safe and reliable services, ensuring that you can explore the city with ease.

Local Cuisine

Malpua is a dish in Jharkhand which is usually prepared during the Holi festival. Arsa Roti: It is a sweet dish prepared during festivals. Rice flour and sugar or jaggery are used in preparation. Chhilka Roti is bread prepared by using rice flour and dal. It is served with chutney, vegetables and meat. Aaru ki sabzi is made with a root vegetable found in Jharkhand only. Meat salaan is a popular meat dish consisting of lamb curry and diced potatoes which is spiced with garam masala. Puttu is a type of edible mushroom which grows during the monsoon season and is used for vegetable. Pitha is Authentic Jharkhandi Dish made up of rice flour with Urad or Chana Dal.



Make your stay comfortable by choosing from a range of accommodations, including luxury hotels, budget-friendly lodges, and cozy guesthouses. When it comes to dining, savor local flavors at restaurants like Bokaro Hotel and Saffron Spice, all accessible with the convenience of CityTaxis for a delightful culinary experience.

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