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About CityTaxis

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Welcome to, your premier gateway to hassle-free urban transportation in India!

Established with a mission to revolutionize the way our bustling cities move, stands at the forefront of providing reliable, efficient, and affordable taxi services across the nation. Born out of a passion for innovation and an uncompromising commitment to quality, we have steadily grown to become one of the most trusted names in urban mobility.​

Our Story

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A Dream Born in City Streets

It was a rainy evening in 2023 when Anand found himself stranded in the bustling streets of Bokaro. He needed a taxi, but with the sudden downpour, it seemed impossible. As he stood under the awning of a local shop, an idea began to take root. What if there was a simpler, more reliable way to book taxis, especially during unpredictable circumstances? From this seed of inspiration, CityTaxis was born.

Our Team 

Starting with just a handful of taxis and a makeshift office in Anand's garage, the journey is anything but smooth. There are countless challenges, from getting the word out to ensuring the fleet meets safety standards. But Anand was not alone. A passionate team comprising tech enthusiasts, logistics experts, and people-centric service representatives joined hands, and together, they are currently navigating the bumpy roads of the early days.

 Our Core Values

  From day one, we held onto certain values that became the pillars of CityTaxis 






Professional and Experiences Drivers

Location Tracking in Car

Customer Experience

AC Cars

Clean Cars

Multiple Stops

Standing Out in the Crowd

As the years went by, many taxi services sprouted across the country. But our commitment to safety, our understanding of local terrains, and our promise of no hidden charges made us a preferred choice for many. And, of course, our little secret: Our drivers were more than just drivers. Trained not only in navigation but also in soft skills, they became the friendly faces our customers looked forward to.

Why choose cityTaxis?



Always on time

Experienced Drivers

No Cancellations

(at all)

Transaparent Pricing

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